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Sour gasoline, incense, pine, cherries and mandarin oranges. The mix with cherry pie made the strain a new high.

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The sherbet strain itself is a cross between girl scout cookies and pink panties.

Wedding cake strain stretch. The displayed strain data should be treated as informative tool, and not as a medical recommendation or promotion of cannabis use. Yields are generous with the average plant bringing in 450g/m2. However, some phenotypes have been known to stretch and grow like a sativa strain.

Wedding cake, aka pink cookies, is a strain that utilizes incredible genetics to yield a balanced high and dynamic taste. Regular seeds are not available at the moment. Also known as pink cookies, the wedding cake strain is one of the most desired varieties today for its huge frosty buds with sweet vanilla flavors and intense high.

Wedding cake from pheno finder seeds is available only as feminized seeds. Wedding cake is a cross between girl scout cookies and cherry pie. This makes wedding cake suitable for beginner growers looking to take on a new challenge.

Yields are generous with the average plant bringing in 450g/m2. With a flowering period of 8 weeks it still produces very large bright green flower sites with large orange pistils coupled with a generous trichome production. One of the … read more

Today i will be reviewing msiku white wedding aka wedding cake strain. The jungle boys nicknamed this hybrid the wedding cake because of its unmistakable vanilla cake frosting aroma. The specific origins of the pink panties strain is something of a mystery, although it definitely belongs to the kush family.

Please consult your medical professional to see if consuming medical cannabis is right for you and a proper treatment for your medical condition(s). The gelato strain is a cross between thin mint girl scout cookies and sunset sherbet. Simple wedding cake s1 feminized seeds by pheno finder seeds.

Wedding cake is rich and tangy with earthy and peppery flavors. Even though gelato is relatively new, its taste and therapeutic benefits have made it a firm favourite. However, some phenos have been known to stretch and grow like a sativa strain.

This strain, created by prolific oregon growing operation golden beaver farms, is a cross between mystic gem and the legendary grandaddy purple. However, some phenos have been known to stretch and grow like a sativa strain. Cannabis grow journals, strain reviews by home growers, harvests and trip reports.

Wedding cake x wedding pie. Wedding cake aka pink cookies. There are various wedding cake formulas on the market but a straightforward wedding cake is among the most popular marriage cake ideas on the market.

It is a combination of the legendary triangle kush mother to an animal mints male. Simple wedding cake s1 feminized seeds, a cross of girl scout cookies and cherry pie this cup winner took 1st place indica at the high times cannabis cup amsterdam.with a flower period of 63 days you can expect a medium sized stretch followed by bushy vigorous growth. Wedding cake x mandarin cookies x crescendo.

Wedding cake is def still my favorite at harmony. The other side of the lineage is the very same animal mints male that seed junky used to create the similarly popular wedding cake strain. “what i like is it doesn’t stretch much,” the village said.

Wedding cake is suitable for growing both inside and outdoors as it is a quite forgiving variety that can be enjoyed by both beginner and veteran cultivators. Expect soild buds of sweet earthy dankness, bushy plant with medium stretch in flower, respectable yields in 9 weeks flower. (animal mints is a cross of animal cookies paired with blue power and girl scout cookies.).

In 2 seedbanks, we found 2 offers between eur 46.00 for 5 feminized seeds and eur 46.45 for 5 feminized seeds. This cultivar will produce phenotypes with incredible bag appeal and exceptional hash qualities. Simple wedding cake s1 cannabis seeds by pheno finder seeds this is a combo of girl scout cookies and cherry pie.

When you try their wedding cake vs other batches from elsewhere, the process harmony uses when breeding/growing (excuse if i’m using the wrong terminology) really shines through. Wedding cake s1 by pheno finder seeds is a first place high times cannabis cup winner for best indica flower. The price i paid for this specific 3.5 today was about 13.41 a gram or 46.95 in total definitely in the upper echelon of more pricey strains.

This strain has a high stretch rate, very suitable for outdoor growing with some support for flower sites in late flower. The dessert name does much justice in classifying a. Msnl feminized wedding cake plants are medium sized, ranging from 100cm to 150cm usually, but some phenos might reach higher and stretch like a sativa strain if given enough light (and space).

1 ounce, 1 pound, half pound, quarter pound. Wedding cake x banana og flowering time: Wedding night phenotypes will have an array of flavors from berry, to vanilla, with slight hints of lemon.

Wedding cake by pheno finder seeds strain information. King cake’s thc content has been measured at between The smell is earthy, and sweet with hints of fresh forest.

So if you want to hit it and quit it—this is not your strain. Wedding cake is a commitment, just like the dessert or the deed. Thanks to the hybrid vigor she displays from her parents wedding cake and cheese, plants will grow big with heavy yielding side branches, making her an excellent producer.

The strain affects both the mind and body and boasts fragrant, colorful buds. Yields are fairly large with the. Its family line oozes sweet and sour earthy scents with unmistakable vanilla aromas and an old school skunkyness.

Available in either 5 or 10 alphafem™ seeds. This is hybrid strain is coming in around 27.1% and was packaged recently at july 22nd 2020. Wedding cake x purple punch.

Riding the wave between 20 and 30 percent thc levels, it remains among the most potent hybrid strains on the market. Perfect for indoor or outdoor. “i have never grown the wifi 43 from the.

So wedding cake, also called pink cookies, is a familiar taste that i know & love with gsc.

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