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Instant Brown Basmati Rice Recipe

Instant Brown Basmati Rice Recipe

Instant Brown Basmati Rice Recipe. Are you looking for a healthy side dish, especially a curry or dal, that’s ready in about half an hour? Pressure cook a pot of Instant Brown Basmati Rice Recipe.

Why Instant Brown Basmati Rice Recipe?

When I try to eat healthy, brown rice helps me a lot. It’s still wrapped in bran toppings, and as someone who grew up in the big-fiber bran boom of the ’90s, I know all about its health benefits. The problem is how long it takes to cook brown rice. White rice on the stove takes 30 minutes, in the background, while I prepare the rest of the meal. Brown rice an hour plus on the stove. That, until the pressure cooker came. He brought me rice in that 30-minute window that matches the night’s cooking style.

Now, I covered jasmine brown rice on the blog before TKLINK, but I keep getting questions about brown basmati rice. Therefore, I am writing this recipe for easy reference when asked.

The cooking methods are very similar between the two – both are long-grain rice. There is a slight difference in flavour. I can easily taste the difference between jasmine rice and basmati rice, but I don’t have the words to explain it. It’s like the difference between Indian and Thai curry – there’s a lot going on, and they’re clearly different, but I don’t know how to write it.

When I was testing this recipe, I wanted to sprinkle the yellow grains into the rice I get at my local Indian restaurant. They get this by soaking some cooked rice in turmeric, to give it a yellow color, and then mixing it again in the larger amount of white rice. I’ve tried this with brown rice, and the difference was barely noticeable. (The image above is from the time I used this technique. I can see the yellow granules, but they are very fine.) I have a turmeric soak as an optional step.

Another thing I checked is soaking the basmati rice before cooking it. Lots of recipes made plenty of soaking, to keep the grains separate. In my testing, I didn’t see much difference in the final product. So, I don’t bother soaking the rice. (Now, if your Indian aunt insists you get soaked, don’t let me stop you…)

Instant Brown Basmati Rice Recipe

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Quick brown basmati rice. Are you looking for a healthy side dish, especially a curry or dal, that’s ready in about half an hour? Pressure cook a pot of brown rice.


  • 2 cups Brown basmati rice (or long grain brown rice)
  • 2 1/2 cups Water
  • Half a teaspoon fine sea salt
  • 1 tablespoon Butter (or ghee optional)
  • Half a teaspoon ground turmeric (optional)

Instant Brown Basmati Rice Recipe Directions

  1. Rice in the pot: Stir the rice, water, salt, and butter (optionally) into an instant pressure cooker or other pressure cooker.
  2. Pressure cook rice for 20 minutes with natural version: Close the lid and cook on high pressure for 20 minutes in the Instant Pot or other electric cooker (“manual” or “pressure cooking” mode in the Instant Pot), or for 16 minutes on the stovetop. Let the pressure drop naturally, about 15 minutes (if you’re in a hurry, you can quickly eliminate any remaining pressure after 10 minutes).
  3. Handful of yellow rice (optional): In a small bowl, stir ½ teaspoon of ground turmeric in 2 tablespoons of water until dissolved. Add ½ cup of cooked rice to the bowl and stir until covered with turmeric water and leave for a few minutes, stirring occasionally to absorb the color.
  4. Serves: Toss the rice with a fork, stirring in the yellowish rice, and serve. Enjoy!


Make sure you have fresh brown basmati rice – the bran and wheat germ give it health benefits over white rice, but it also contains spoiled oils after about 6 months in storage. Try to get your rice from a store with lots of sales – get your rice from your local health food store or Indian specialty grocer – and get it in smaller quantities. (I know a big bag of rice sounds like a bargain, but not if you have to throw out most of it.) If you need to extend its shelf life, store the rice in the fridge or freezer, giving it about a year before it starts turning.


Pressure cooker 6 quarts or larger (I like the 6-quart instant pressure cooker)

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