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Atho is a Burmese street dish that is also famous in India. A variation of Burmese salad atho is often served with mohinga a.

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Atho burma food. This is the chennai famouse burmese atho and egg bejo recipe. The noodle dish itself is spicy tangy and nutty Burmese atho is a delicious noodle dish. This wheat noodle salad is.

20 ரபய சபபடஇரவ கடல கற இடல சககன மடடன கழமப – தவ அகக கட. A Burmese delicacy popular across Chennai as a street food Atho is a perfect meal for your lazy dinner. In this video we will see how to make burma atho recipe in tamil.

Its actually a variation of a Burmese salad – Khauk swe thoke. Myanmar FoodMin Ga La Bar 76 Mile カレンの衣装がおしゃれです Burma Street Food Atho in Pimpoms Home CRISPY PORK PATA Mukbang Philippines FILIPINO FOOD Pinoy Mukbang SEVILLA Fam Vlogs. 32 mins Chicken Burma Atho Recipe.

Atho is a popular burma noodle dish which is easy to make and has so many levels of flavour in it. Zesty spicy and absolutely delicious. Athos like a corrupted take on A Thoke the Burmese generic name for salad.

Bring the water to a boil then add the noodle cake a teaspoon of salt and the orange food coloring. GratedJuice of 1 LemonSesame oil – 2 Tsp Tamarind. Pages Businesses Food Beverage Restaurant Health Food Restaurant அதத கட Atho Shop- burmese food.

The specific dish it gets inspired from I guess is Khauk Swe Thoke a Burmese noodle and cabbage salad If youre lucky youll also find someone selling Mohinga a fish and rice noodle soup thats also the national dish of Burma. Oil – ½ Cup Onion thinly sliced – 1 Cup. Remove half a teaspoon of chili powder from the deep-fried oil and set it aside.

To shop for high quality tried tested Cookware that is shown in our recipe videos visit here. AthoIngredientsNoodles – 200 gms Pinch of Food Color GarlicOnion Shredded Cabbage – 1 cupCarrot – 1 no. Are you ready to make this famous street food for the weekend.

It is probably the dish that defines Chennais version of Burmese food. Atho is one Burmese delicacy that is extremely popular and perhaps defines Burmese food scene in Chennai. This is a popular street food.

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