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Stuff it with masala more or less as you like. Dosto aaj ke ye video me banate hain Pani Puri ki Recipe ekdam aasan matlab easy tarike me is recipe ke bahut saare tips and tricks aapke saath share karu.

Pani puri in hindi. Golgappe ka pani kaise banaye panipuri Recipe how to make pani puri recipe in hindi RanjeetRANJEET MAURYA VLOGS follow me intagaram Ranjeetm543.

DIY TIP – To make you master the art of making perfect pani puriConnect wit. Click the video Now. Learn how to make perfect pani puri recipe in Indian style.

Fuchka or fuska or puska differs from Panipuri in content and tasteIt uses spiced mashed potatoes as the filling. This puri is hollow that allows you to make a hole on top and fill it with varieties of stuffing like boiled potato sprouted moong beans boiled chickpeas ragda etc top. How to make pani puri at home street food style pani puri recipe in HindWelcome hello everyone you doing good to watch us and read our description.

In 2017 Chetan Nanji Marvadi a pani puri vendor of Gujarat was found doing a similar act and was sentenced to six months imprisonment. Pani Puri Recipe in Hindi Step By Step – Advertisement – 1 गलगपप क आट तयर करन क लए एक चड कटर ल और उसम 12 कप गह क आट और 14 कप बरक सज डल. And in 2020 another pani puri seller in Mumbais.

Sprinkle onion and sev over it and drizzle a drop of date tamarind chutney over it. Panipuri consists of a round or ball-shaped hollow puri a deep-fried crisp flatbread filled with a mixture of flavored water known as imli pani tamarind chutney chili powder chaat masala potato mash onion or chickpeas. Take each puri and gently make a large hole on its top-middle side with a spoon or your index finger or thumb for stuffing.

D 114Skip Ad Descriptionपनपर क ठड और मसलदर तख पन बनन क सर.

Golgappa Puri a round shaped small crispy puri that is small enough to easily fit in your mouth is a basic ingredient in many chaat recipes like pani puri dahi puri etc. Take pani-puri water in a medium bowl.

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