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Welcome to the weekend, my friends! I am so happy that the peony is finally blooming. They made me smile all week. I can hardly believe that today is the 5th anniversary of The Little Things newsletter! I’m so happy that I started writing these emails all those years – this has become my favorite way to communicate with you.

To celebrate 5 years of writing this newsletter, I’m going to dedicate 5 Kindle Paperwhites to newsletter readers only! I’ve been a Kindle fan for over 8 years now, and the white backlit paper is my all-time favorite Kindle. My own is connected to the library and kept full of piles of (free) books waiting to be read. Best. invention. Start.

Leave a comment for this post to tell us about your favorite book / s or tell me which book you want to read next! Thank you for being with me and for being a loyal reader of the Little Things newsletter.

You must be 18 years of age or older and a US resident to enter. (Unfortunately, this is international giveaway law, and nothing is under my control.) Five winners will be randomly selected and notified via email on Tuesday, June 1st.

On the blog This week: Over the years, this classic potato salad has become our favorite. The recipe is a mix of several on-site potato salads and is perfect for summer barbecues, gala dinners, and night dinners year-round. (Can you really eat that much potato salad recipe? I don’t think so!)

Cover the crisp shortbread crust with a sticky layer of pineapple and coconut to make coconut pineapple bars. These bars are not very sweet and a little tart, they are a tropical fruity drink in the form of a cookie.

What i try: All things grilled! Have you tried the spiral sausage cut? They’re great – and they make a great addition to a Hot Dog Bar: Chicago-Style, Hawaiian, Green Chile Queso, and BBQ Sundae are all great!

My friend, Heidi’s Garlic Burgers, looks amazing, as does their grilled steak fajitas, bacon-coated shrimp skewers with creamy avocado.

What I watch: The Mentalist – Anyone else like this show? I’m hooked too!

What I read: Man’s Search for Meaning, by Victor Frankl. I’m pulling out my base here and talking about a book before I’m done with it. This game has barely started and is actually very good! As a Holocaust survivor, Frankel argues that we cannot avoid suffering but that we can choose how to deal with it, find meaning in it, and move forward with a renewed goal.

“Live as if you were living again, as if you did something wrong the first time.” Victor E. Frankel

Have a nice week full of the little things that make you smile!

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